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Phillips Sound Recording Service is truly a unique part of Liverpool’s history. In this small terraced house in Kensington an amazing number of remarkable events took place.

After selling bicycles and motorbikes at the start of his career, then batteries and early electrical appliances, Percy Phillips’ recording and disc cutting service was the first in Liverpool when it opened in 1955. He demonstrated the earliest example of ‘Musique Concrete’ to be heard in Liverpool, on the 28th September 1956 at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall. He cut the first Rock ‘n’ Roll record in Liverpool (Johnny Guitar and Paul Murphy’s cover of the Little Richard song, ‘She’s Got It’) on the 14th June 1957.

He cut the first disc for Liverpool’s first true Rock ’n’ Roll star, Ron Wycherly aka Billy Fury in April 1958. He cut the first disc for Liverpool’s (and indeed Britain’s) biggest ever music act, The Beatles, known as The Quarrymen at the time, in July 1958.

And Percy cut the first ever football pop song in Britain, for Everton Football Club, in 1963. He also gave the first public demonstration of ‘stereo’ in Liverpool, when he put a pair of speakers outside the front of the house and gave the neighbours a surprise by playing a disc specially made by EMI which was a recording of a steam train passing at high speed.

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